For Clean Water, We Are Thankful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. this week, we went into our story vault to help us remember why we are thankful for clean water. Mary’s world is small…. Read More

WASH 101: Stay In Your Lane

If there is one thing that we’ve definitely established so far in this WASH 101 series, it is that there isn’t a single solution for making dirty water clean. Each… Read More

Volunteers Invest in Clean Water

August 2019, Juru Sector of Rwanda Our second day in-country, an hour outside of the capital, we drive into a small town and pull into a Pentecostal church next to… Read More

An Unthinkable Luxury

For families like Pifania’s, access to clean water feels like an unthinkable luxury… Pifania sighs contentedly as she hands a cup full of water to her six-year-old daughter. She too… Read More

WASH 101: Physical Interventions – Filtration

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally made it to the final category of clean water solutions. And yes, we saved our favorite for last: Filtration. But before we get to… Read More

To Help Is A Blessing

Spring 2012 There is an old Rwandan story that goes like this: A man had a pot of soup simmering outside on his wood stove. It was market day. So,… Read More

The Future Is Now Bright

For a family struggling with chronic illness, the future is now bright. John and his wife, Mary Rose were born and have lived their whole lives in Gashora. They are… Read More

WASH 101: Physical Interventions – Sedimentation and Adsorption

At this point in this series, you may be questioning the rigidity of these solution categories. As we briefly mentioned in our post on antimicrobial metals, there are a few… Read More

Lifting a Different Kind of Weight

August 2019, Gashora Sector of Rwanda We had spent the morning visiting with the volunteers and leaders in Gashora. The Water Project was active in Gashora between February 2017 and… Read More

Quenching a Thirst for Knowledge [and Clean Water]

Quenching a Thirst for Knowledge [and Clean Water] For kids in rural Rwanda, access to clean water at school can be the difference between getting an education or dropping out… Read More

WASH 101: Physical Interventions – Boiling and Distillation

We’re finally to our final category of solutions! Physical Intervention – specifically Boiling & Distillation. The physical intervention category is designed to cover the most basic, simplest forms of interventions…. Read More

A Less Tiresome Walk for Water

A Less Tiresome Walk for Water Jean Baptiste is a father of six children and has lived in Bitega village all his life. He recalls memories from his childhood spent… Read More

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