Making Clean Water a Priority

Making Clean Water a Priority   Providence and her husband Silas are in their late 40’s and have 7 children between the ages of 20 and 4 years-old. They live… Read More

Theogene and Apolonia’s Search for Clean Water

Theogene and Apolonia’s Search for Clean Water   Theogene and his wife, Apolonia, live in a rural village in Rwanda with their 4-year-old daughter Lafie. Everyone in the village faces… Read More

In Any Way Possible

July 2020 When Michigan first announced quarantine orders, my wife and I looked for every way to avoid going out. We canceled our plans, stocked up on groceries and hunkered… Read More

Children and Caregivers

The Impact of Clean Water on Children and Caregivers   As an elderly widow who lives along the riverside; Theresie is one of the poorest of the poor. But still,… Read More

Hope, Purpose and New Life

August 2019 It was one of our last days visiting different sectors in Rwanda. Many men and women had shared how clean water has impacted their lives greatly, giving them… Read More

Clean Water Critical for Health Centers

Clean Water Critical for Health Centers Health centers are frequently the first point of care, especially for those in rural areas. They also are critical in responding to disease outbreaks,… Read More

A Grandmother and Her Place

Spring 2012 I heard pounding as we walked up to Violette’s home. Her grandmother was sitting on a stool, carved from a tree trunk, pounding cassava into flour. The work… Read More

Volunteers are Problem Solvers

Volunteers are Problem Solvers Damascene was fascinated as 20 Liters SAM3 Household filters began to appear around his small village. He was a local “fundi”, a handyman, problem solvers. Damascene… Read More

A Joyful Noise

October 2017   It was early October in rural Rwanda. The whole week had been dry. We had visited multiple churches with empty Rain Water Harvest Systems. The rainy season… Read More

Peace of Mind for Vestine

Peace of Mind for Vestine When we went to visit Vestine, she was at home with her young daughter. Her husband was at work and her two young sons were… Read More

Home and Family An Ocean Away

Fall 2019 Sometimes, it feels surreal that our three kiddos are growing up with a second home and family an ocean away from West Michigan. My family has been traveling… Read More


August 2019 It was our last day visiting the outlying sectors. We went to a small, but densely populated little village in Juru. We visited an elderly widow, Gloria, who… Read More

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