Home and Family An Ocean Away

Fall 2019 Sometimes, it feels surreal that our three kiddos are growing up with a second home and family an ocean away from West Michigan. My family has been traveling… Read More


August 2019 It was our last day visiting the outlying sectors. We went to a small, but densely populated little village in Juru. We visited an elderly widow, Gloria, who… Read More

The Problem Was Dirty Water

The Problem Was Dirty Water Nepo and Venancie have lived in the rural area of Gashora in Rwanda since 1997. They are both in their sixties. Over the years, they… Read More

Clean Water Protects Children from Sickness

Clean Water Protects Children from Sickness   Emmanuel and Donatile live in rural Rwanda with their two children, Renee and Elisee. A few years ago, when the government provided public… Read More

Filled with Gladness

October 2017 We had left West Michigan on Saturday and it was Thursday. We were closer to the end of our trip than to the beginning. And while I don’t… Read More

Healthier Lives through Clean Water

Healthier Lives through Clean Water   Access to water plays a vital role in the well-being of families. But in rural areas with widespread poverty, there is never enough water… Read More

Hallelujah, Amen

April 2012, Rwanda “Hallelujah, Amen! Hallelujah, Amen! Hallelujah, Amen!” Dorothee ran out to greet us as our truck came to a stop along the road in front of her house…. Read More

Faith, Hope and Clean Water

Faith, Hope and Clean Water   Faith and Hope Nursery & Primary School serves 583 students and employs 15 staff members in the Rilima sector of Rwanda. Clean water has… Read More

Our World

August 2019, Rwanda   Miles away from the world I know, we drive a few hours from the capital of Kigali to the Rilima sector of Rwanda. A school.  26… Read More

For Clean Water, We Are Thankful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. this week, we went into our story vault to help us remember why we are thankful for clean water. Mary’s world is small…. Read More

WASH 101: Stay In Your Lane

If there is one thing that we’ve definitely established so far in this WASH 101 series, it is that there isn’t a single solution for making dirty water clean. Each… Read More

Volunteers Invest in Clean Water

August 2019, Juru Sector of Rwanda Our second day in-country, an hour outside of the capital, we drive into a small town and pull into a Pentecostal church next to… Read More

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