Sweeter Than Any Other

March 2, 2022

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

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Sweeter Than Any Other

Catherine Nyirashyirambere lives with her five children and three grandchildren in Mugwato village in rural Rwanda. Catherine and her grandchildren never used to like the dirty water that they had to drink. Her six-year-old granddaughter, Rosine, was been constantly ill, mainly due to drinking and using untreated water.

That’s why Catherine was so excited to get access to clean water from a SAM3 household filter through World Relief’s partnership with 20 Liters. And now, Catherine can’t believe how great water can taste. “This water is as if it has some treatments which makes it taste good and hence makes me happy all the time I drink it! It is better than any other water I ever had! This water saved my life and that of my kids.”

In fact, Catherine was so inspired by the lessons she received from the Water Project on clean water, sanitation and hygiene, that she began to look for other ways to improve her life. She decided to join a savings groups with World Relief, saving money and taking out a loan to renovate her house and bring electricity to it. Now that she has accomplished that goal, Catherine is planning to start saving again so that she can launch a small business and continue to help her family.

Catherine calls her filtered water “sweeter than any other.” Now, when she goes to her neighbors and finds that they still use tap or lake water, she doesn’t drink it. Instead she sends one of her grandchildren home to get some of her water “sweeter than any other” for everyone in the house.

The gift of a water filter continues to have an amazing impact in Catherine’s life and the lives of those around her, and we couldn’t be happier.

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