Erina Finds Joy in Serving

June 29, 2022

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

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Erina Finds Joy in Serving

Erina’s friends and neighbors describe her as cheerful, strong, and well respected within her community. That reputation is what makes Erina the perfect Water Project volunteer. When asked why she finds joy in serving, Erina said, “I believe that God has called me to serve.”

But there is something else that Erina loves about being a Water Project volunteer – having an excuse to ride her bicycle around her community. Whether she is riding to the local market to do her shopping or traveling to educate her community about the importance of proper water, sanitation and hygiene practices; riding her bike brings Erina joy.

As a Water Project volunteer, Erina received training on how to make dirty water clean for her community. And since her volunteer duties required her to regularly travel long distances, she was given a bike through the project. She uses that bike to check on her neighbors who have received water filters. When she visits, she makes sure their filters are in good working order and answers any questions that they have.

Erina’s dedication and trust in her community are what make her an amazing volunteer for the Water Project. So much so, that her community asked her to pursue additional training in other areas of community development.

Now, when Erina makes her rounds to families in her community, she not only checks on their water filters, but she also encourages people to save money through savings groups and helps strengthen families.

Erina is busier than ever. But her joy in serving her community is undimmed.

“They say that water is the source of life,” said Erina, “and it is true! From being a water project volunteer to a senior volunteer now, I learned a lot that made me achieve much which guaranteed my future to be bright. Water became a source of life to me” said Erina.

The transformation that Erina has seen in her community continues to motivate her work. Her biggest hope is that everyone around her will have the ability to reach their full potential in all areas of their life.

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