Julie is Thankful for Clean Water

January 7, 2022

Posted by Amanda, Director of Outreach

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Julie is Thankful for Clean Water


Julie is a widow living in poverty in Rukumberi, Rwanda with her three children and three grandchildren. Because of her unique vulnerabilities, she was chosen to receive a SAM3 filter so that she, and everyone in her family, could have access to clean water.

Julie shared that, “We were happy when we were told that we were selected to receive a household filter. We attended training on its use and maintenance before distribution and it was very interesting. Before receiving the filter, we used water from the tap for drinking. But it was not as clean as filtered water. We fell sick of intestinal parasites and went often to the health centre. Community health workers told us to boil it or put in water disinfectant. But, we could not due to lacking money for buying firewood or water disinfectants. Now we have good health as we drink clean water from this filter.”

But Julie’s family isn’t the only one benefiting from the filter. Her neighbors are now bringing their own water to Julie’s house so that they too can use the filter and have safe water to drink. And even though Julie’s family knows how to operate and maintain the filter, they’re still happy to see the volunteer who regularly visits the family to make sure the filter is in good working order. After all, Julie knows that a lot of people are depending on her filter. And Julie isn’t going to let them down.

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