Clean Water for Jaqueline

July 7, 2021

Posted by Amanda, Director of Outreach

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Clean Water for Jaqueline

Mukamurenzi Jaqueline is a 38-year-old mother living in rural Rwanda. She is married, but her husband is currently not living with the family. Together, they have six children between the ages of seventeen and six years old. All of their children live with their mother.

They are not a very wealthy family, Jaqueline has nowhere to cultivate to make a living or feed the family. As most moms would tell you, caring for six children is hard. And taking care of six children without a partner to help is even harder. Among the challenges Jaqueline and her children faced, access to clean water was high on the list.

Jaqueline told us, “Before receiving the filter, my children would drink any water which we did not boil or prepare in any way because the firewood is expensive. The water we use is from the lake Birira near us, or sometimes we would use rainwater. My children would often suffer from water-borne diseases because of what we drank.”

But then, Water Project volunteers identified Jaqueline and her family as one of the families in the village most likely to benefit from receiving a SAM3 Household Filter. Now that they have a filter, Jaqueline can filter their water before drinking it. And, has instilled this habit in her children as well.

Now, whether they buy water from the community tap, collect water from the lake, or use rainwater to meet their needs, they first filter the water through their SAM3 Filter. According to Jaqueline, “My children are no longer getting sick as often as they used to, and it helps me go to the hospital less. I am grateful to the Water Project and the church for helping me get this filter because it helps my family.”

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