Seeing is Believing

February 9, 2022

Posted by Amanda, Director of Outreach

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Seeing is Believing

For Gashabizi Innocent, the news spreading through his community was too good to be true. He was hearing that an organization was distributing water filters that could turn dirty water in to clean water – without having to boil the water. Gashabizi was in his sixties, and he found it hard to believe that this news could be true.

Then, Gashabizi was told that his family was on the list to receive one of these miracle SAM3 household filters. His family had suffered for a long time from diseases caused by drinking dirty water. It seemed impossible to clean water without boiling. And at first, Gashabizi was adamant that he would not be drinking unboiled water just because it had passed through a filter.

But then, he attended trainings and spoke to volunteers. Gashabizi saw the filter in action. And suddenly, it was easier to believe that this filter might actually be the solution his family needed.

“It’s true. As they say, seeing is believing. I saw and believed. These filters are a marvel and they work miracles.” Gashabizi explains.

After seeing how effective the filter was, Gashabizi became an advocate for clean water in his community. He told his neighbors – and anyone else who would listen – about the water filter. He started telling people the importance of drinking clean water.

“I have made it my duty to sensitize people especially those in my village and the young kids about the risks involved in taking dirty water and I always invite them to always feel free to ask for water at my home” he says with a serious look on his face.

He prays and believes that if everyone in his village gets access to a water filter that will be the end of the water borne diseases that are common in their village.

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