My Name is Didace

My Name is Didace Didace is the Technical Officer for 20 Liters in Rwanda. He and his team of volunteer technicians build Rainwater Harvest Systems and SAM2 Community Filters. For… Read More

Meet Faustin

Meet Faustin Meet Faustin. We enabled him and his family to have a decade of clean water with our innovative and simple SAM3 Household Filter. 20 Liters first met Faustin… Read More

An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness Alphonse has seen the benefits of drinking clean water for himself. So, he volunteers to distribute and maintain water filters in his village with the Water… Read More

Capture the Rain

Capture the Rain Collecting rain from the roof of his church helps Pastor Musinga and his congregation serve their community. Not only does the Rainwater Harvesting System collect cleaner water… Read More

Change Everything

The Filter Can Change Everything Beatrice and her family got access to clean water for the first time when they received their SAM 3 filter. Now, her children only drink… Read More

Water for Education

Clean Water for Education 20 Liters uses local volunteers and supplies to install large-capacity water filters in schools and health clinics. Learning is hard when you miss days of school… Read More

Life is Precious

Life is Precious “No matter a person’s age, no matter where they come from, they should know how much they’re worth”. Sister Agnes and her fellow sisters run the Gahanga… Read More

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