Our Mission

We equip vulnerable people with water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions that are simple, effective, and long-lasting.

How we're doing this:

For the Most Vulnerable

For the Most Vulnerable

We focus on serving widows, orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS and those with disabilities.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

We design and utilize technologies and trainings that fit the local context, while focusing on simplicity and sustainability

Empowered Locals

Empowered Locals

We train and equip local volunteers, leaders and health workers who have long-term commitments to their communities.

Our History

We do this work because we've seen first-hand the devastating results of dirty water.

For us, this crisis became very real during a conversation with church leaders in Masaka, Rwanda. In 2005 more than 500 people in Masaka died from a cholera outbreak. When we asked church and community leaders what the greatest needs were, it was no surprise that clean water topped the list. From that moment on, we set out to make clean water a reality—20 Liters at a time—in one of the world’s most underserved areas: Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through our partnership with World Relief Rwanda, we mobilize local churches, teach health and hygiene skills, and deliver innovative and durable technologies in rural communities. By training and equipping volunteers and leaders from each sector, the communities are empowered to lead the change and sustain the impact.

We believe that dirty water and cyclical poverty are intimately connected. So we focus on the most vulnerable. Raising their quality of life benefits the whole community.

Join us in creating advocacy and action for those without access to clean water.

About our name:
All over the developing world, 20 liter jerry cans are used to collect, carry and store water — too often this water is causing sickness and even death.

The World Health Organization recommends 20 liters of clean water per person every day for drinking and hygiene.*

For us, 20 liters represents not only how most people interact with their water, but our clean water goal for every person we interact with.


We're committed to innovation, volunteerism and transparency.

Leadership Driven
Volunteer teams and committees in the US and Rwanda make us strong and sustainable. We maximize our impact by utilizing the passion and skills of dedicated volunteers at every level of our organization.

We're always looking for talented and dedicated people to serve with us. Do you have a passion for clean water?
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We believe in the work we do and the people we help. We stand by our track record of success and responsibility.
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