Ordinary Tasks, Extraordinary Challenges

Ordinary Tasks, Extraordinary Challenges   On a recent sunny day in Rwamibabi village, Gloriose Bazigaga, a 43 year old mother of four, smiled as she provided food and drink to… Read More

Cool Water on a Hot Day

Cool Water on a Hot Day Emmanuel Ndatimana is a proud dad to two growing and active kids. Since they live close to Lake Kidogo in Rukumberi, Rwanda; Emmanuel’s children… Read More

Erina Finds Joy in Serving

Erina Finds Joy in Serving Erina’s friends and neighbors describe her as cheerful, strong, and well respected within her community. That reputation is what makes Erina the perfect Water Project… Read More

Springing Back to Life

Springing Back to Life Patricie Kankuriza often felt lonely. As a 65-year-old widow without any children to help support her, life felt like a constant struggle. As her health declined,… Read More

Clean Water for Ntovi Primary School

Clean Water for Ntovi Primary School Ntovi Primary School in Rukumberi, Rwanda had a problem they just couldn’t solve. Children were constantly getting sick from drinking contaminated water. Students are… Read More

Sweeter Than Any Other

Sweeter Than Any Other Catherine Nyirashyirambere lives with her five children and three grandchildren in Mugwato village in rural Rwanda. Catherine and her grandchildren never used to like the dirty… Read More

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing For Gashabizi Innocent, the news spreading through his community was too good to be true. He was hearing that an organization was distributing water filters that could… Read More

Julie is Thankful for Clean Water

Julie is Thankful for Clean Water   Julie is a widow living in poverty in Rukumberi, Rwanda with her three children and three grandchildren. Because of her unique vulnerabilities, she… Read More

Capture Rain for Clean Water

Capture Rain for Clean Water As humans, our relationship to rain can be complicated. On one hand, rain makes crops and flowers grow and flourish. On the other hand, rain… Read More

Road Map for 20 Liters’ Water Project

Water Project Road Map October 2021 – September 2024 Every three years, 20 Liters and World Relief Rwanda create a road-map for the next phase of our work. This plan… Read More

Serving through Clean Water

Serving through Clean Water Ndahiriwe Vincent is a pastor at the Methodist Church of Shori in the Shyembe Village. He and his wife, Niyonsaba Dancile, have two children; aged nine… Read More

Better Care through Clean Water

Better Care through Clean Water Dusingizimana Jonas, Leonilla Mukagasana, and Télesphore Ntaharaye are all staff members at the Rukumberi Health Center. They know the importance of clean water in maintaining… Read More

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