Thankful to Be Back to School

Thankful to Be Back to School Pastor Ngoboka Augustin is the headteacher at GS Rwintashya located in the Rukumberi Sector. The school is large, serving more than 1,700 students in… Read More

Clean Water for Jaqueline

Clean Water for Jaqueline Mukamurenzi Jaqueline is a 38-year-old mother living in rural Rwanda. She is married, but her husband is currently not living with the family. Together, they have… Read More

Esperance’s Story

Esperance’s Story Esperance is a passionate woman who has always taken every opportunity available to make a better life for her small family. Esperance and her son, Claude, live in… Read More

Equipped to Share

Equipped to Share Every day, Therese’s grand-daughter would collect firewood from the area around their home. This chore would save their small family the expense of purchasing charcoal. But, firewood… Read More

A Simple Solution

A Simple Solution Stephanie and Claver live in a rural area of Rwanda with their three children. Like many people in their community, they knew that dirty water could cause… Read More

A Cup of Clean Water

A Cup of Clean Water Marie Chantal lives in a rural area of Rwanda, but that doesn’t mean her home is isolated from others. She lives near the village office… Read More

Clean Water and Community

Clean Water and Community Owning a 20 Liters SAM3 Household Filter has been life changing for Afise and her husband Manzi. It has provided them with clean water and community… Read More

One Gift Among Many

One Gift Among Many Obide and Chantal are parents to three children. Their family lives in a rural area of Rwanda, where both Obide and Chantal were born. Their family… Read More

The Value of Clean Water

The Value of Clean Water For some families, the value of clean water is hard to define. For other families, the price of clean water is more straightforward. Francine and… Read More

People Fix Problems

People Fix Problems Berenadithe ‘s home is high on the ridge above the Nyabarongo River in a village named Cyeru. Her eyes twinkle as she tells us about her life…. Read More

A God-Given Calling

A God-Given Calling Claude is a volunteer with the Water Project in the Juru sector of Rwanda. He just finished his routine rounds of visiting households with SAM3 household filters… Read More

Churches United for Clean Water

Churches United for Clean Water   In rural Rwanda, clean water is scare, but water sources are plentiful. There is water in the rivers, swamps, and lakes that fill the… Read More

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