Back to School Means Something Different at Gitare

August 24, 2023

Posted by Dave, Executive Director

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Gitare I Primary School’s new SAM2

Through the introduction of the SAM2 community water filter provided by 20 Liters, over 1,000 students and 26 teachers at Gitare I Primary School now have access to clean water. Located in the Kagogo sector of northern Rwanda, Gitare I Primary School is home to loyal educators and dedicated students. However, both teachers and students previously relied on contaminated water from taps and tanks to drink throughout the day. As a result, fatigue, dehydration and illness often kept them from attending school.

This all changed with the introduction of the SAM2 filters. The filters provided clean drinking water and promoted school attendance, focus, health and safety for teachers and students. Domitien Nsanzumukiza is a language teacher who also leads the hygiene and sanitation program initiatives for the school. He explains that students previously developed worms from contaminated water, but with access to filtered water, they are living a healthier life.

“We are so thankful for this water project through 20 Liters. With the filter, we no longer suffer from disease and thirst.”

After setting up the SAM2 filter, the school administration purchased jerry cans to store the treated water. Throughout the day, class monitors now use jerry cans to fetch clean water for their respective classes. On average, each class drinks two to four jerry cans (1 jerry can = 20 liters) per day, totalling somewhere between 40 to 80 liters per class.

Clean water, renewed focus

Phrorence Uwingabire, a student and class monitor, shared how the SAM II water filter changed lives at her school: “We study hard in order to pass our national examinations, and this takes us time. While we were in the classroom before this filter, we used to develop fatigue due to lack of clean water. Pupils were often dehydrated. After receiving this filter, our administration gave us jerry cans and access to clean water within our classroom. This reduces fatigue and thirst for students.” The filters not only provide reliable sources of clean water, but also allow students and teachers to focus on education and learning.

“We really appreciate your support! May almighty God bless you and help you to reach other parts of our country,” said Domitien.

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