Clean Water, Bright Futures

October 25, 2023

Posted by Dave, Executive Director

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Clean Waters, Bright Futures

Jacqueline Nyirabukara wears multiple hats in her small Rwandan village. She is a skilled community health worker specializing in common waterborne diseases like malaria and diarrhea. She’s also an avid farmer and busy mother of five. Living with her husband, Emmanuel, and their children, Jacqueline’s family used to rely on tap water until it started malfunctioning. Unable to afford a repair, they began sourcing their water from Lake Burera, subjecting themselves to the same waterborne illness Jacqueline dealt with every day.

In her role as a local health worker, Jacqueline was used to treating dozens of diarrhea cases each month. However, things began taking a positive turn when her village received one of 20 Liters’ SAM3 water filters. Within just a few weeks, she reports, the number of children suffering from diarrhea dropped to just 2-3 cases per month. This inspired hope that the disease might soon be eliminated altogether.

A SAM3 filter provides more than just clean water, it changes everything.

Alongside health benefits, the SAM III filter allowed Jacqueline and her family to grow financially. Money they had previously used for firewood (essential for boiling water) now goes toward other ends. Today, her position as a community health worker has made her a role model to others. She encourages her neighbors to take advantage of these extra savings by putting them toward healthier diet and lifestyle decisions.

Jacqueline is immensely grateful to the 20 Liters WASH project for initiating the water filtration project in Kagogo sector. Previously, many in the area relied on contaminated water from Burera lake, leading to the spread of communicable diseases like Diarrhea, Typhoid, and Bilharziosis. However, with the SAM III water filter in place, the risk of such diseases has significantly decreased.

A burden lifted…

In her own words, Jacqueline blesses the hands of those behind this life-changing project and vows to continue helping her neighbors capitalize on the benefits afforded by their SAM III filter. “May our almighty God bless you always,” she says. “And we commit to continue supporting our vulnerable neighbors to access clean water.” With the burden of waterborne diseases lifted, Jacqueline’s village can look forward to healthier, happier days ahead.


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