Meet Faustin

Meet Faustin

Meet Faustin. We enabled him and his family to have a decade of clean water with our innovative and simple SAM3 Household Filter.

20 Liters first met Faustin and his mother, Mukeshimana, at a filter distribution in October of 2013. Mukeshimana has been unable to walk since birth. Faustin is destined to be her care giver for the remainder of her life. He pushes her from place to place, fetches water for her and the grandmother that lives with them, and he does the chores around the house.

Faustin pushed Mukeshimana in her wheelchair nearly three miles to get to the distribution. They both listened carefully to the teaching and at the end of the training, they took home a filter. Before receiving the filter Mukeshimana was plagued with water borne disease. Since the filter she and her son have been in remarkably good health.

We're making dirty water clean. But we can't do it alone.

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