An Unthinkable Luxury

For families like Pifania’s, access to clean water feels like an unthinkable luxury… Pifania sighs contentedly as she hands a cup full of water to her six-year-old daughter. She too… Read More

The Future Is Now Bright

For a family struggling with chronic illness, the future is now bright. John and his wife, Mary Rose were born and have lived their whole lives in Gashora. They are… Read More

Quenching a Thirst for Knowledge [and Clean Water]

Quenching a Thirst for Knowledge [and Clean Water] For kids in rural Rwanda, access to clean water at school can be the difference between getting an education or dropping out… Read More

A Less Tiresome Walk for Water

A Less Tiresome Walk for Water Jean Baptiste is a father of six children and has lived in Bitega village all his life. He recalls memories from his childhood spent… Read More

Making Dirty Tap Water Clean

Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces. This is far more than the 159 million people who still use surface water as their… Read More

We Welcome Those Who Thirst

Clementine is a 29-year-old mother of three children between the ages of 3 and 6. She and her husband, Yves, live in the Gashora sector of Rwanda. Each day, Clementine… Read More

boldSOCKS Make Dirty Water Clean with 20 Liters

A sock company based in West Michigan, and a water crisis unfolding in Africa. Two subjects that ordinarily would have nothing to do with each other. But the story of… Read More

Empowering Families with Clean Water

Sada gathers water for her family from the swamp that borders her small gardens. They use the water not only at their home, but also to irrigate their gardens. Sada… Read More

Why 20 Liters Inspires Me

Recently, 20 Liters asked our Sustaining Liters to tell us why they choose to support 20 Liters with a monthly gift. All of your responses touched our hearts. But, when… Read More

Let me praise you, you brought relief

20 Liters relies on dedicated local volunteers in Rwanda to implement the Water Project. They mobilize the community. They assemble filters. Volunteers train recipients. And in some cases, our volunteers… Read More

The Miracle of Clean Water

Nyiraneza is a mother of four living in the Gashora Sector of Rwanda. She and her husband moved to Gashora eight years ago. The first challenge they faced was finding… Read More

Volunteering + Something Even Better

Helping those in need has been a part of Steve Nauta‚Äôs life since he was a child. At an early age, his mother instilled in him the importance of helping… Read More

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