An Unthinkable Luxury

October 29, 2019

Posted by Amanda, Development Director

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For families like Pifania’s, access to clean water feels like an unthinkable luxury…

Pifania sighs contentedly as she hands a cup full of water to her six-year-old daughter. She too has just treated herself to a full mug of cool refreshing water from her family’s SAM3 Household Filter.

Looking at her daughter drawing the last drops of water from the cup, she thinks of the days not long ago when things were different.

Residing in Buye village with her husband and five children, Pifania is a farmer. They gather their water from the Nyabarongo swamp, which is miles and miles from their home. And, the water is not fit to drink.

“Twice a month, one or two people in our family had to go for treatment to the nearest health center; and it was costing us dearly. Most often, it was the kids because they would not refrain from drinking the dirty water when thirsty” says Pifania.

The thought of drinking clean water at any time of the day and in great abundance was an unthinkable luxury.

Then, local volunteers chose Pifania’s family to receive a filter through the Water Project. “It was just like a dream come true. I was excited about the water filter and I was not disappointed after I received it,” says Pifania.

Before receiving the water filter, Pifania learned how best to use, clean and maintain the filter. “The water filter is easy to maintain and there is no scientific technology to apply. I clean it three times each week. It has never broken since we acquired it in September last year” she adds.

“Today we enjoy pure, clean water. And, we said bye-bye to the frequent attacks of water borne diseases. For this, we give thanks to God, my Church and the Water Project,” says a smiling Pifania.

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