Why 20 Liters Inspires Me

July 26, 2018

Posted by Brooke Tower, 20 Liters Supporter

Recently, 20 Liters asked some of our Sustaining Liters to tell us more about why they choose to support 20 Liters with a monthly gift. We were touched by all of the responses that we received, but when we received this letter from Brooke – we knew we had to share it with all of you…

We were first inspired by 20 Liters at Mars Hill hearing about a child’s heart who was broken for those who didn’t have good access to clean water and had a birthday party to raise awareness and money to share with those in need. We have loved participating in the Walk for Water and experiencing what it is like to “walk a mile” in someone else’s shoes, and the weight of carrying water that is so essential for every aspect of life. We have loved seeing how 20 Liters has expanded and carried out its mission in Africa. We have loved learning more about the technology and communities that are impacted and empowered through 20 Liters.

Giving from what we have been given to things that we believe further the kingdom of God has been an important part of our family and we are thankful we get to give monthly to further the work that 20 Liters is doing. We also love having the opportunity to build filters and giving our children the opportunity for a hands-on experience that directly blesses others.

When I was 19, I spent a semester in Athi River, Kenya attending Daystar University during a drought. Most of the time I was there, my access to water meant taking my bucket to a bore hole, getting water from the underground cistern, and then bringing it up to treat it in my cement floor dorm room with a coil used to heat or boil the water. This was the water I used to wash my body, brush my teeth, wash my clothes, flush the toilet, or to drink. The extra steps required greatly enhanced my awareness of my water use, and what others went through to obtain this vital and necessary element of life. Coming home to America, the thing I was most thankful for was clean, abundant water–a hot shower with water so clean I could drink it, and cold water that didn’t have to be boiled to be safe to use. I got used to drinking warm water with the hot weather and not always being able to wait for the water to cool down after it was boiled. Ever since then, my heart for Africa and the need for clean, accessible water has ached and looked for opportunities to help.

We think recurring gifts are essential for anything worthwhile to be sustained and think that 20 Liters is one of the best opportunities for us to invest in monthly in bringing this precious, essential, luxurious resource of water to those who need it most.

grace & peace,


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