Waters of Hope

May 17, 2024

Posted by Dave, Executive Director

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Valerie is a 62-year-old caregiver living in Rwanda’s Ngoma district with a heart as generous as her age. She is not just the guardian of her family of four but also the nurturing force behind a home-based Early Childhood Development (ECD) center. Here more than 20 eager little faces find solace, safety, and education every day.

However, life for Valerie had its challenges. Amidst her responsibilities, she struggled with diabetes, a relentless companion that made the pursuit of clean water an arduous task. The water they consumed, drawn from the nearby lake, was tainted, posing a threat to the health of her family and the children under her care.

When World Relief introduced water filters made possible thanks to 20 Liters, Valerie was selected to receive one.

Dirty Water Made Clean

“I had a problem of access to clean drinking water for my family and for the little kids attending the home-based ECD. We all used to drink polluted water from the lake, but this water filter has simplified life for us,” Valerie shares with a warm smile. The introduction of the filter marked a transformative moment, providing Valerie with the means to ensure not just her own well-being but also that of the little ones in her care.

“Now I can have enough drinking water for me, my family, and all the kids who come here for ECD services. After having access to clean water for drinking, my sickness has been eased like never before. These kids used to be affected by unclean water, suffering from coughs, diarrhea, intestinal parasites, and other problems. But now, they are healthy,” she adds, her gratitude echoing through her words.

Waters of Hope Ripple

Valerie’s joy extends beyond her own household. The water filter has become a beacon for her neighbors, a source of hope in their pursuit of clean water. “I am happy when I see my neighbors coming here to get clean water for their families’ consumption. This filter has impacted more than three families plus those little kids. This is really important to our lives,” Valerie remarks, reflecting on the wider community benefitting from this vital resource.

In her expression of thanks, Valerie directs her heartfelt gratitude toward World Relief and 20 Liters, recognizing the transformative impact of the free water these filters provide. For a community facing vulnerabilities that make acquiring such essential materials challenging, the support extended has become a lifeline. Valerie thanks World Relief and 20 Liters for this incredible support of vulnerable people who would not otherwise have access to clean water.

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