Walk for Water: Rilima, Rwanda

May 23, 2018

Posted by Amanda, Development Director

On April 9th, the Water Project launched in Rilima, to the obvious excitement and delight of residents.

To mark this occasion, hundreds of residents of Nyabagendwa village undertook a community Walk for Water. Residents walked with grace and elegance, every step speaking of intent and purpose; walking and sometimes running down the road from Kyoma primary school to draw water from Rumira River. The day was hot and the journey was long. However, this did not stop the walkers’ from singing songs of victory. For these residents were sure to have gone through the hardship of accessing clean and safe water in the past.

After walking for about an hour down to the swamp, the participants gathered water. Then, they hiked back up to the celebration site, singing and dancing as they went. The event included a presentation of educational songs and drama plays by different choirs and groups of area churches. Volunteers instructed residents about the use and maintenance of the filters. Residents also witnessed the first ten families receive their filters through the project.

In his remarks, Leon Victor Mushumba, the Water Project Manager welcomed the congregation. He commended the residents for their positive response and participation.

“I am happy with the response of the residents and the commitment of new selected volunteers in Rilima. This shows that the people here understand the value of clean and safe water.  And, that it is worthy to serve and work with them hand in hand,” he said.

Mugorucyeye Cerafine is the Vice President of the Church Network Committee. He commended the project for their tireless efforts to provide water to Rwandans. “This is a wonderful move that will help to reduce water born diseases among the residents,” she said.

Kananga Damascene, water and sanitation officer in Bugesera district, thanked the Water Project. He promised the district’s total support in their endeavor. “As much as Rwanda has developed, we still face a lot of diseases. This program is very important,” he said. “I am pleased that this project is able to find solutions to provide access to clean and safe water”.

Marie Chantal Muhoracyeye, a resident of Rilima spoke about the difficulty of accessing clean water. “A few people with money pay for a 20-litre jerry can of water. Or else one has to walk long distances to fetch some,” she said.

In partnership with World Relief Rwanda, 20 Liters makes dirty water clean for the most vulnerable. The project plans to distribute 2,500 water filters to households, schools and all health centers in Rilima.

Adapted from article written by Geoffrey Wakibi

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