Communications & Outreach Team

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Communications & Outreach Team

An average of 3-6 hours per month

Did you know that globally, 2 billion people regularly drink water contaminated with feces? Did you know that 20 Liters equips the most vulnerable with the education and resources they need to make dirty water clean? That we’ve already provided over 200,000 people with access to 10+ years of clean water?

We think everyone should know this stuff. That’s where you come in. We need your skills to help us get the word out. This volunteer position helps us craft our message to our supporters, the media and the public, specifically through the use of Email Communications and Social Media.

Tasks and Assignments

  • Assist with writing content for email communications
  • Assist with designing and scheduling email communications
  • Assist with designing and writing content for social media posts
  • Assist with posting and scheduling content for social media platforms
  • Contribute to planning 20 Liters communications campaigns

Skills and Abilities

  • Utilize your own assets [computer, software, etc.] to complete work
  • Experience with marketing, advertising and design
  • Willingness to share ideas and take feedback
  • Ability to set and meet realistic deadlines

Opportunities and Benefits

  • Build your resume and portfolio
  • Provide subject-matter leadership and expertise
  • Meet other volunteer leaders, humanitarians, and professionals
  • Learn about the global water crisis & make dirty water clean for the most vulnerable



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