The Critical Importance of Clean Water for Education

February 14, 2024

Posted by Dave, Executive Director

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Clean water is critical for successful education. Vedaste Ntibihangana is the head teacher of Mugwato Primary school in Mugwato village. Years ago, World Relief and 20 Liters began identifying places most in need of water filters. Mugwato was high on the list. The school was large and many of the students were getting sick from dirty water.

Before receiving the SAM2 filter, students used to bring their own water to school for drinking.  Students were drinking tap water, rainwater and water from the nearby lake. But none of these were safe for them and were causing water borne diseases. Mr. Ntibihangana tried to mobilize students and parents on the importance of boiling water for drinking.  Many of them were still not listening or unable to afford fuel for boiling. Students become ill and fell dangerously behind in school. 

Things changed after the installation of SAM2 water filter at the school. The number of students getting sick went down since water borne diseases were no longer an issue.  Mr. Ntibihangana said, “We are happy and grateful for this filter, which made us and our students have access to clean water. Some of the kids take water back home to drink later. This made them as well see how important it is to drink safe water and encouraged their parents to at least boil water for drinking at home.  I am so thankful to World Relief. This filter was given to us at the perfect moment of need. This promoted good health to our students and teachers as well as other school staff including me!”

You hear a lot on our blog about schools and SAM2 filters. In 2023, 9 SAM3 filters were installed in schools and health clinics. This technology means 10,000 more students, teachers, medical professionals, and patients are safe. Water borne disease is one less thing to worry about. Our reports tell us people are happier, healthier, and can focus on moving forward. Clean water is critical for education.

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