Let me praise you, you brought relief

July 26, 2018

Posted by MUKANYANGEZI Betty, Water Project Volunteer

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20 Liters relies on dedicated local volunteers in Rwanda to implement the Water Project. They mobilize the community. They assemble filters. Volunteers train recipients. And in some cases, our volunteers use their creativity to share their passion for clean water. During our last visit, one of our volunteers, Betty, shared this poem that she wrote about the work she does with the Water Project.

Let me praise you, you brought relief

Let me praise you, you brought relief when we were miserable
We used to sit without knowing what to do
Searching for a way which could bring us water
So that we dwell in it, hence eradicate ignorance and laziness
And it would confuse us and leave us with no explanation

It was beyond our comprehension and we couldn’t analyze it
Oh beautiful church, who else can I compare to you
Those who don’t know about you are lame in their ways
No wealth, no hygiene no life
You true life, we owe all to you

Beautiful church, there are so many things you bring to us
Knowing God and people, caring for the most vulnerable
I speak about pure love for all
This love that led me to the one who filled me with joy

Beautiful church, let me praise you
You brought relief when we were miserable
What if you had not appeared, for us to get involved?
to wash ourselves and stay clean,
to organize parties and fight dirtiness, to rebuke diseases?

You brought us clean water
This step we’ve made is what we celebrate
Beautiful Gashora, we are now smart people
Drinking clean water is our project
Facing diseases caused by unclean water is our logo

Dirty water is our characteristic,
Let me tell you, the unclean water we used to drink
We got after long travels to the lake or swamps
Full of frogs’ eggs, microbes, and so much more
Which would mean that we were often in the hospital

Taking drugs for the same illness as if it was epidemic
Malaria, cough, diarrhea and cold, it was terrible I swear
We were taught ways of cleaning dirty water using filters,
See now we are safe
We look clean because we drink clean water

I end up thanking you all good partners
I mean 20 Liters, may you always be favored
This is not the end as I’m not old I will speak forever of you
I am held in the best life style which includes drinking clean water,
Health and hygiene. Look I am a beautiful mother, a volunteer,
a hard worker, a poet who leave you thanks.

Drinking clean water is the source of greater things.

Gashora/ Ramiro

We're making dirty water clean. But we can't do it alone.

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