A God-Given Calling

November 18, 2020

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

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A God-Given Calling

Claude is a volunteer with the Water Project in the Juru sector of Rwanda. He just finished his routine rounds of visiting households with SAM3 household filters to provide maintenance and support the recipient families.

The residents of his community have struggled for a long time with access to clean water. Claude is grateful that more people are able to access clean water through the project. And from his visits with families, Claude has seen many people’s mentality changing since they have received water filters and completed health and hygiene training.

“It is evident that people have welcomed the water filters and that they are improving their health by drinking water from the filters only” says Claude.

“Grownups and kids now know that it’s dangerous to drink dirty water, which was not the case in the past. Kids carry water to school in plastic bottles and they make sure they them at every opportunity with water from the filters.”

Claude showed us around the storage warehouse filled with supplies for the Water Project. So far, volunteers have distributed over 1,640 solutions to the community. At the time of our conversation, there are only 125 filters that still need to be distributed. “According to the requests I receive every day, there are many people out there who need the water filters and that is a good sign that shows they are effective.”

When asked about his volunteerism, Claude told us that he thinks of his work as a God-given calling to serve the people in his village.

20 Liters is thankful for the volunteers, like Claude, who make dirty water clean for their neighbors each day.

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