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Whether you’re committed to supporting companies that do good or you just love online shopping, there are several ways you can support 20 Liters while making your purchases!

boldSOCKS 1:100

We all have to wear socks. We also all have the opportunity to wear fun socks. 20 Liters’ partner boldSOCKS believes that socks are an extension and expression of their wearer. So they make fun socks and sell their Statement Sockwear socks using a 1:100 model.

The 1:100 model is simple: for every pair of Statement Sockwear sold, boldSOCKS helps 20 Liters provide 100 days of clean drinking water to someone in need in Africa. To date, boldSOCKS has provided over 35 million days of clean water to vulnerable families.

In addition, boldSOCKS is committed to a sustainable and socially ethical business model. So not only do their socks make dirty water clean, but their socks are all manufactured in a production facility in Colombia that shares their values. The facility treats workers fairly; paying a living wage and providing a safe work environment.

Learn more about our partnership on this recent blog profile!  Then head over to to buy some fun socks that make dirty water clean!


Beta Bars were first made as a healthy snack bar for Tony’s son when he found out his son needed a gluten free diet. Tony uses all raw ingredients and dries his own fruit to eliminate any added sugar. Beta Bars are raw energy granola bars for all of life’s adventures. Tony also commits funds from each bar sold to 20 Liters. So every bar means one month of clean water for someone in need.


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