Make Your Business Work for Clean Water

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From after-school jobs to cottage industries to socially conscious businesses, companies of all sizes have come alongside us to bring a sustained impact to our work.Every partnership looks a little different, but here are some examples of other people who’ve made clean water a priority in their work.

BoldSOCKS uses one of their own brands, Statement Sockwear, to provide clean water with every purchase.

Tony’s son is from Rwanda, so when he started BetaBars it just made sense that he would use 10% of his profits to make clean water in Rwanda.

Dylan is a member of 4-H and at his local 4-H auction, Dylan had sold a steer and two pigs. Dylan told us “I would like to donate a portion of my earnings to your organization. I love how you are helping everyone get clean water.”

Could you add clean water to your bottom line?

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