Five Sector Wrap Up Report

March 17, 2017

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

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Five Sector Wrap Up Report

In 2012, 20 Liters announced plans to reach 87,702 people in five sectors along the Nyabarongo River in Rwanda. The targeted sectors included Masaka, Gahanga, Ntarama, Mwogo, and Juru. We are proud to provide a report to our supporters on the Five Sector plan.

Ultimately, 20 Liters exceeded the goals of our Five Sector plan. The Water Project reached 88,500 people with clean water over the last five years in the targeted sectors of Rwanda!

We accomplished these goals through several clean water solutions. Starting with distributing SAM3 Household Filters to 8,440 households. Volunteers also installed SAM2 Community filters in 29 schools and health clinics. And finally, our volunteers built 67 Rain Water Harvest Systems on local churches.

You can learn more by reading our full report!

The mission of 20 Liters is to make dirty water clean for the most vulnerable using long-lasting and innovative solutions. Our values are rooted in a desire to partner with the most vulnerable to empower their communities with sustainable solutions to support a basic human right – access to clean water.

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