Esperance’s Story

May 27, 2021

Posted by Amanda, Director of Outreach

Esperance’s Story

Esperance is a passionate woman who has always taken every opportunity available to make a better life for her small family. Esperance and her son, Claude, live in the rural village of Murambi in Rwanda.

Through the local Pentecostal Church, Esperance learned of World Relief Rwanda programs many years ago. She first joined a World Relief Savings Group at her church in 2013. Through that program, she was able to improve the small two-room home she shares with her son. And, she has been able to build two additional similar homes that she can rent out to make her living. For a widow like Esperance, this income is vital to her family.

But earning a stable income isn’t the only challenge that Esperance faced.

Like many of her neighbors, Esperance knew that the water available in her community was not safe to drink. Drinking this water at times led to illness. And, Esperance particularly worried about her son Claude. He loves to play football, and she worried about him having good water to quench his thirst. So, she would spend at least 3000 Rwandan Francs every month on firewood to boil their drinking water.

Then, the Water Project came to her community and she was selected to receive one of the first SAM3 household filters in the sector.

Esperance is happy that she now has access to clean water. She no longer needs to buy firewood to boil her water, which has allowed her to save money to put to other uses for her family. She can also welcome her tenants and neighbors to use the filter for their own drinking water. Perhaps greatest of all, she knows that her son will always have clean water to drink to keep him healthy and strong.

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