Community in Crisis, Clean Water in Flint, MI

July 5, 2017

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

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As a Michigan-based organization, the water crisis our neighbors in Flint continue to face is heartbreaking. Unsurprisingly, people often ask us if 20 Liters can help people in Flint, still struggling with access to clean water.

The short answer is no. Our technology effectively removes bacteriological contamination. This includes things like cholera, amoebas, worm cysts, algae and many other kinds of bacteria. We developed our technology to solve these problems, because our technology was designed to make dirty water clean in rural Rwanda, and those are the challenges they face.

Unfortunately, removing heavy metals [lead] and chemicals requires different methods and materials.

As the crisis emerged in 2015, our leadership explored our ability to invent or implement a solution that would work for schools and households. But we quickly realized that people and groups with more specific expertise were already leading the response efforts.

We are all neighbors. And, we believe that every person deserves access to clean, healthy water. As always, we encourage you to help wherever you see the need.

So, if you would like to get involved with helping Flint recover, we would suggest you connect with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint – Flint Child Health & Development Fund. They are spearheading efforts to fund local programs to care for the long-term needs of affected children and families.

You can also learn more about what our technologies can do here.

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