Clean Water is Transforming Lives at the Jarama Health Center

April 16, 2024

Posted by Dave, Executive Director

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Located in Ngoma district lies Jarama Health Center – a vital lifeline for the 30,773 residents of Rwanda’s Jarama sector. Every day, this bustling health facility caters to the diverse health needs of its community, but for years, one crucial element was missing: access to clean drinking water.

Enter World Relief, in collaboration with 20 Liters, whose water project brought about a transformative change in Jarama. The beacon of this initiative was the installation of a SAM II filter. A simple yet profound solution that bridges the gap between healthcare and clean water access.

In the past, the residents relied on water sources like Sake Lake and Akagera River, exposing themselves to waterborne diseases. The health center itself offered unfiltered rainwater, a potential source of parasites.

However, with the SAM II filter, the narrative has shifted.

For Jean, an Jarama Health Center employee, the SAM II filter has been a game-changer. With enthusiasm, he shares, “Water from this filter is very clean, and it has solved a lot of health issues. Clients of this health center now have access to clean water for drinking. Before this filter, we couldn’t find clean drinking water at this health center.”

François, the leader of Jarama Health Center, points out the tangible health improvements seen. “The impact of drinking clean water among Jarama sector citizens is even demonstrated in our laboratory results. We have seen a reduction of all kinds of intestinal parasites in our clients compared to the period before World Relief’s water project intervention.” François also shares, “Apart from clean water supply, we have been trained in the use of this filter, and the community, in general, has been mobilized around hygiene and sanitation.”

The gratitude from the people of Jarama is palpable.

Leaders of Jarama Health Center extend their heartfelt thanks to World Relief and 20 Liters. Their intervention was pivotal in providing clean water facilities. The journey from the struggle for clean drinking water to a health center equipped to address water-related health issues stands as a testament to the positive impact that strategic partnerships and community-focused initiatives can bring about.

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