2024 Walk for Water – Zeeland (You’re Invited!)

April 3, 2024

Posted by Dave, Executive Director

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We walk because they walk.

Everyday, around the world, approximately 700 million people still lack access to basic drinking water services. So they have to walk. Some estimate that 200 million hours are spent each day by women and children walking to get water.

How much time does this take away from school, work, and family each year?

When do you get a break?

How do you dream of a better future?

What if the water you gather makes your family sick?


We walk because they walk.

On May 18, 2024, 20 Liters will gather again for our annual Walk for Water – Zeeland at Vande Luyster Park Gazebo from 3:00-5:00pm to walk. Youth, parents, families, singles, everyone is invited to participate, and get a sense of what it’s like to carry the water you need for each day.

Our walk will be just over a mile round trip. We have regular size and small jerry cans for adults and kids to carry. Along the route, you’ll learn more about the clean water challenge facing the world, and the solutions we have at 20 Liters. Back at the gazebo, we can filter our water and see just how simple it is to make dirty water clean. And, of course, we will have other fun activities including filter building, crafts for kids, and a challenge course where every drop of water counts!

Will there be t-shirts? YES.

Should you invited your friends? YES.

Can I bring my dog? We can’t believe you’d even ask. Yes, please! (leashes advised as we walk up public streets)

Can I help raise funds? Of course. Click here to donate (or create your own fundraising profile)

Can my business partner with your event? Absolutely. Email Dave (dave@20liters.org) for all the details.

I am unavailable on that day, but can I give to this wonderful cause? YES. Click here.

I would like to volunteer to help on May 18. Can I do that? YES. Email Dave (dave@20liters.org). He needs your help!

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