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Rarely do great things get accomplished alone.

Through our partnerships with World Relief Rwanda and local Rwandan churches, 20 Liters trains volunteers, teaches health and hygiene skills, and delivers clean water solutions to the most vulnerable. From the very beginning, local communities are empowered to be the ones leading the change.

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The Critical Importance of Clean Water for Education

Clean water is critical for successful education. Vedaste Ntibihangana is the head teacher of Mugwato Primary school in Mugwato village. Years ago, World Relief and 20 Liters began identifying places… Read More

Vitality Replaces Vulnerability

Water – a critical subject in school At first glance, Uruhuha Primary School, situated in the Uruhuha village of Rwanda’s Jarama sector, looks much like one might expect. Home to… Read More

Something You Can’t Buy, But You Can Have

A beautiful landscape Rosette’s home over looks a beautiful fertile valley where crops are neatly planted. Cows wander up and down the valley paths, and in the distance she can… Read More

Clean Water, Bright Futures

Clean Waters, Bright Futures Jacqueline Nyirabukara wears multiple hats in her small Rwandan village. She is a skilled community health worker specializing in common waterborne diseases like malaria and diarrhea…. Read More

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