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Rarely do great things get accomplished alone.

Through our partnerships with World Relief Rwanda and local Rwandan churches, 20 Liters trains volunteers, teaches health and hygiene skills, and delivers clean water solutions to the most vulnerable. From the very beginning, local communities are empowered to be the ones leading the change.

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August 2019, Rwanda   Miles away from the world I know, we drive a few hours from the capital of Kigali to the Rilima sector of Rwanda. A school.  26… Read More

For Clean Water, We Are Thankful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. this week, we went into our story vault to help us remember why we are thankful for clean water. Mary’s world is small…. Read More

20 Liters Rwanda Report October 2019

20 Liters Rwanda Report October 2019 REPORT OF OCTOBER 2019 SOLUTION DISTRIBUTIONS In October 2019, the Water Project planned to distribute 100 SAM3 Household Filters, but this was impossible because… Read More

WASH 101: Stay In Your Lane

If there is one thing that we’ve definitely established so far in this WASH 101 series, it is that there isn’t a single solution for making dirty water clean. Each… Read More

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