Join us in creating clean water—20 Liters at a time.


Rarely do great things get accomplished alone.

Through our partnerships with World Relief Rwanda and local Rwandan churches, 20 Liters trains volunteers, teaches health and hygiene skills, and delivers clean water solutions to the most vulnerable. From the very beginning, local communities are empowered to be the ones leading the change.

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WASH 101: Electromagnetic Radiation Solutions

Last month, our WASH 101 series finally got to the fun part of discussing the global water crisis – talking about solutions. And we’re going to continue that conversation over… Read More

Rwanda Program Report – December 2018

Greetings, During the month of December 2018, I was so impressed by the commitment of volunteers who say that they are determined to do work of volunteerism since they were… Read More

WASH 101: “Sourcing” Solutions

At 20 Liters, we believe that before you can solve a problem, you need to understand that problem. So, if you’re just joining our WASH 101 conversation, I would encourage… Read More

Rwanda Program Report – November 2018

Program Report – November 2018 In November 2018, Gashora Water Project Volunteers faced a shortage of water, so the work of sifting and washing sand was not completed as planned…. Read More

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