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Rarely do great things get accomplished alone.

Through our partnerships with World Relief Rwanda and local Rwandan churches, 20 Liters trains volunteers, teaches health and hygiene skills, and delivers clean water solutions to the most vulnerable. From the very beginning, local communities are empowered to be the ones leading the change.

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WASH 101: Biological Intervention – Bio-Sand Filters

Let’s talk about our final solution under the category of biological intervention. Generally, biological interventions use bacterial processes to remove harmful bacteria from water. Some of the solutions included under… Read More

20 Liters Program Report – May 2019

20 Liters Program Report – May 2019 REPORT OF MAY 2019 SOLUTION DISTRIBUTIONS During the month of May 2019, Water Project volunteers in Rilima sector of Rwanda focused on assembling… Read More

Making Dirty Tap Water Clean

Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces. This is far more than the 159 million people who still use surface water as their… Read More

WASH 101: Biological Intervention – Activated Carbon

Before we get into today’s post about activated carbon, this is your reminder that you’re joining 20 Liters in an ongoing conversation. So, feel free to go back and catch… Read More

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