Event Specialist

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Works for Development Director

Volunteer Position, Hours vary monthly dependent on events schedule

This position will work with a small team to support the planning and implementation of fundraising and educational events for 20 Liters. The team will help identify community events for 20 Liters participation, volunteer during 20 Liters hosted and community events, ensure template event materials are valuable and easy to use, identify areas for improvement, and mentor advocates hosting social fundraisers including Walk for Water events.

Tasks and Assignments

  • • Plan and implement 20 Liters hosted fundraising and education events
  • • Identify community events and/or organizations for 20 Liters participation and/or partnership
  • • Provide strategic direction for event participation strategy
  • • Volunteer during 20 Liters hosted & community events
  • • Develop best practices, templates, and tools for events
  • • Develop creative ideas for new types of events or event activities
  • • Provide direction, advice and support to advocates hosting social fundraisers
  • • Attend committee meetings, as scheduled
  • • Work with other committees to complete tasks

Skills and Abilities

  • • Event planning skills and experience
  • • Attention to detail
  • • Creativity
  • • Basic computer skills: email, internet browsing, documents, spreadsheets

Opportunities and Benefits

  • • Provide subject-matter leadership and expertise
  • • Meet other volunteer leaders, humanitarians, and professionals
  • • Learn new strategies, skills and methods
  • • Learn about the global water crisis
  • • Make dirty water clean for the most vulnerable


Send an email to info@20liters.org and we’ll start the conversation.

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