20 Liters Rwanda Report October 2019

November 19, 2019

Posted by Rebero D'Amour, Water Project Coordinator

20 Liters Rwanda Report October 2019


In October 2019, the Water Project planned to distribute 100 SAM3 Household Filters, but this was impossible because of a lack of supplies. While 20 Liters sent a container of the supplies, the materials have been held in customs by the officials from the Rwanda Revenue Authority. As of October 31st, the government has approved the supplies as tax-exempt. We pray that the supplies will be released shortly.

Instead, our volunteers focused their time on visiting homes and other locations with filter technologies. Water Project volunteers visited 447 households with filter technologies in the sectors of Gashora, Rilima, Ntarama, and Gahanga. They also checked 12 SAM2 Community Filters and 23 Rain Water Harvesting Systems in these sectors during the month. Volunteers found all of the systems in good working condition.


In addition, staff held a meeting on October 17th with the Church Network Committee members in Rukumberi to introduce the Water Project. Rebero, Water Project Coordinator was able to announce to the community that starting in December, the Water Project would begin distributing technologies in the sector. In total, the Water Project plans to distribute 2,365 SAM3 Household Filters, 10 SAM2 Community Filters, and 15 Rain Water Harvest Systems on selected churches.

The first Rain Water Harvest System will be installed in November 2019, on the ADEPR Sake church, which has been selected as the central hub for distributions in the sector. Staff asked pastors to select volunteers for the Water Project. These volunteers will be trained on all Water Project technologies in the coming months. Volunteers will also learn basic health and hygiene practices.

In Rilima, on October 3rd, the Water Project hosted a Walk for Water.

The purpose of this event was to mobilize the community with messages of hygiene and sanitation. Just before the walk, volunteers built a latrine and wash room for a local vulnerable family. Patricia is a widow and has three children, including two who are still school. Together with neighbors, local leaders from with the support of World Relief constructed a latrine and washing-room for her family. She was also selected to be given a SAM3 Household Filter on the day of the walk.

We also hosted a competition for local Hygiene clubs. The competition’s theme was: “Kunywa amazi meza, Gukaraba intoki dukoresheje isabune, kugira umusarane wujuje ibyangombwa, tubigire umuco, bizatuma tugira ubuzima bwiza”. This translates to: “Drinking clean water, hand washing with soap and having a hygienic latrine will make us healthy”. Staff awarded prizes to encourage clubs to continue teaching hygiene and sanitation in the community.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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