20 Liters Program Report – May 2019

June 18, 2019

Posted by Rebero D'Amour, Water Project Coordinator

20 Liters Program Report – May 2019


During the month of May 2019, Water Project volunteers in Rilima sector of Rwanda focused on assembling SAM3 Household Filters. Their work enabled the project to distribute 155 filters to 155 families, including 108 families in Kabeza, 28 families in Ntarama, and 19 families in Nyabagendwa. As usual, volunteers trained families on filter maintenance, as well as health and hygiene practices.

The Water Project also installed two SAM2 Community Filters in Rilima sector. The Catholic School of Rilima, located in Amizero village, received the first system. The school serves 1336 students and staff. Currently, they utilize a mixture of rain water and water from the nearby lake. The second SAM2 Community Filter was installed at Faith and Hope Primary School located in Gako village. This system will serve 606 students and staff of the school.

Water Project staff and volunteers also worked with two local churches to begin construction of Rain Water Harvest Systems. In May, volunteers and church members constructed the footings for the Rain Water Harvest Tanks. The systems will be completed in June 2019. The system for the Catholic Church of Karirisi will serve 714 people in the surrounding community. The second system will be located at the ADEPR Church of Rilima. This system will serve an estimated 757 people near the church.

Finally, in May 2019, Water Project volunteers performed home visits in the sectors of Ntarama, Mwogo, Juru, Gashora and Gahanga. Team members helped households ensure that filters were working well, by conducting backwashing and repairs when needed. They also mobilized beneficiaries on the importance of drinking and using clean water and on continuing to filter water for their neighbors without water filters. Volunteers visited 384 SAM3 Household Filters and 7 Slow Sand filters.


On May 14th &15th, the Water Project hosted feedback meetings with Project volunteers in Gashora and Gahanga. 44 volunteers, as well as leadership from the Church Network Committees, attended the meetings. Meetings were focused on sustaining the work done by the Water Project in Gahanga and Gashora as the active phase of distributions for the Water Project conclude. The volunteers affirmed their intentions to continue home visits, continue providing health & hygiene trainings during village meetings, and to maintain contact with Water Project staff to report on activities and discuss support needed. In addition, the Church Network Committee members affirmed their willingness to support the Water Project volunteers and continue to promote drinking clean water during church activities.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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