20 Liters Program Report – March 2019

April 17, 2019

Posted by Rebero D'Amour, Water Project Coordinator

20 Liters Program Report – March 2019


I have been so impressed with the hardworking of water project team (volunteers and staff) to serve the communities in Bugesera district. In the month of March 2019, 3 Rain Water Harvesting Systems were installed at churches in Rilima sector. From December 2018 to March 2019, it was installed a total of 7 RWHS in Rilima sector. This is an important support to local churches as they are required by the Local Government to have these systems. Thanks to donors for providing this support and to water team for this hardworking.




In March 2019, there was still a shortage of rain water in the Gashora sector. So, Water Project staff decided to buy water in order to continue the distribution of Slow Sand Filters. As a result, the team distributed Slow Sand Filters to 63 households in Biryogo village. We thank our Water Project Volunteers who worked diligently to sift and wash sand for these filters. Their hard work allowed us to exceed our target of distributing 61 filters. We expect to complete the distribution of Slow Sand Filters in the Gashora sector by April 2019.

Also in March, volunteers in Rilima assembled 246 SAM3 Household Filters. Volunteers distributed these filters to households in the villages of Kagarama, Bidenge, Nyamisagara, Karambo, Kabeza, Bwiza and Marembo. Our volunteers in Rilima also exceed expectations, distributing far more solutions than our goal of 200. As usual, volunteers trained recipients before and during distribution on filter maintenance and hygiene behaviors.

In addition, Water Project Volunteers conducted 397 home visits to households with SAM3 or Slow Sand Filters. These visits took place in 5 sectors across our program area. During visits, volunteers helped households backwash and repair filters, as needed. They also provided additional training to families as necessary. Volunteers did not find any issues in the homes they visited.


Water Project staff and volunteers also installed 3 Rain Water Harvest Systems on churches during March. The team installed the first system on the Ebenezel Ministry Church in Mataba village. It will serve 653 nearby residents. Volunteers installed the second system on the Baptist Church Union Church in Karambo Village. This system will serve 731 nearby residents. Team members installed the final system on the Adventist Church in Gitega Village. This system will serve 846 nearby residents.

Finally, team members conducted maintenance and repairs on 19 SAM2 Community Filters installed at Health Centers and Schools. Volunteers also visited 21 Rain Water Harvest Systems. All systems are well-functioning. These visits took place in Ntarama, Gahanga, Gashora, Juru, and Mwogo sectors.


On March 26, Water Project staff conducted a refresher training for 35 volunteers of Rilima sector. Topics included hygiene promotion and the importance of drinking clean water. They also continued training volunteers on assembling water filters and filter maintenance.

We give glory to God for the work performed in March. We are thankful to the committed volunteers in all sectors. In particular, we give thanks for the volunteers from inactive sectors who remain committed to making home visits to support communities who have water filters for their maintenance, repair and backwashing.

For more details, check out our interactive program map.

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