20 Liters Rwanda Report January 2020

February 20, 2020

Posted by Rebero D'Amour, Water Project Coordinator

20 Liters Rwanda Report January 2020


During the month of January, I was so impressed by the commitment of volunteers from Juru & Mwogo sectors [where World Relief has phased out activities] but Water Project volunteers are determined to do work of volunteerism since they were chosen by their church leaders. We conducted feedback meetings in January with volunteers and church Leaders from these sectors and it was obvious that volunteers continued to work as a team; visiting beneficiaries of SAM3 filters and installed SAM2 and RWHS frequently as needed. Volunteers are committed to continue volunteerism work and serve the community.



In January, Water Project volunteers installed a Rain Water Harvesting tank at Assemblies of God Church in the Rukumberi sector. Volunteers still need to complete gutters before the system will be fully functional. When completed, the system will serve 208 beneficiaries from the church and surrounding community

We had also planned to assemble and distribute SAM3 household filters in the Rilima sector, but the necessary materials were not available. 20 Liters sent a container of materials for the Water Project, but they are still in customs, under examination by the officials from Rwanda Revenue Authority. Instead, volunteers from Rilima and Rukumberi continued to prepare enough sand for these filters, so that assembly and distribution of filters can take place quickly when the materials are released.


In January, Water Project volunteers visited recipient families in the sectors of Juru, Mwogo, Rilima, Ntarama, Gashora, and Gahanga. Volunteers helped families repair and backwash filters as necessary. They also encouraged families to share clean water with their neighbors. In total, they visited 508 families. In addition, Water Project volunteers checked 25 SAM2 community filters and 27 Rain Water Harvesting Systems throughout the sectors of Ntarama, Gahanga, Gashora, Mwogo, Juru, and Rilima. Volunteers did not find any concerns; all systems are in good working order.

In addition to checking systems, Water Project Staff conducted quarterly feedback meetings for volunteers in Ntarama, Mwogo, and Juru. In total, 72 volunteers and church network committee members attended these three meetings.  The purpose of these meetings were to assess if volunteers were still working successfully with church network committee members. In addition, staff expected to learn how to better support these groups in their efforts. We learned that while volunteers are still active in their communities and receiving support from the church network committees; the community still needs additional health and hygiene training to take full advantage of access to clean water.

Finally, as the Water Project prepares to launch full-scale activities in Rukumberi, World Relief Rwanda continues to train local church leaders and Water Project volunteers on Transformation Tree Curriculum to empower leaders to better understand the role of the church in poverty reduction and serving the most vulnerable people in their community. In January, 63 people attended these trainings over five days.

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