20 Liters Rwanda Report December 2019

January 24, 2020

Posted by Rebero D'Amour, Water Project Coordinator

20 Liters Program Report – December 2019


In December 2019, Water Project volunteers intended to distribute 100 SAM3 Household Filters in the Rilima sector. But, this was impossible, because supplies were not available. While 20 Liters sent a container of materials for the project, the container is still in customs. We requested tax exemption for the materials. This request is still under review by the officials from Rwanda Revenue Authority.

Despite this challenge, volunteers remained busy in December. Water Project volunteers visited households with SAM3 filters in the sectors of Juru, Mwogo, Rilima, Ntarama, Gashora, and Gahanga. Team members helped families maintain their filters and provided training reminders on filter care and health and hygiene. Finally, they encouraged families to share their filters. In total, they visited 410 households with SAM3 filters and 8 households with Slow Sand filters.

Also in December, Water Project volunteers, along with the Project Technical Assistant, visited 16 SAM2 Community filters at schools and health centers in the sectors of Ntarama, Gahanga, Gashora, Mwogo, Juru and Rilima. During these visits, volunteers helped with routine maintenance and backwashing to ensure systems were working well.

Finally, Water Project volunteers visited 24 Rain Water Harvesting Systems at churches in the sectors of Ntarama, Gahanga, Gashora, Juru, Mwogo and Rilima. These visits were intended to ensure systems were working well and available to the community. Volunteers found all of the systems functioning well, except for a couple that needed replacement taps.


Also in December, Water Project staff trained 26 volunteers from the Rukumberi sector on SAM2 Community filters. During these trainings, volunteers learned why SAM2’s are installed in schools and health clinics. They learned how to build, install, maintain, and backwash these systems.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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