Rwanda Program Report – August 2018

September 14, 2018

Posted by Chip Kragt, Managing Director

Program Report – August 2018

Dear Friends,

This month, we are proud to introduce you to Rebero D’Amour, our new Water Project Coordinator! Jean d’Amour brings as BS in Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. His experience ranges from project and volunteer management through large-scale water system implementation. He’s been on the job for less than two weeks but has already spent time in the field meeting our volunteers and the CNCs (leadership committees). We are excited for the expertise and passion Jean d’Amour will bring to our program and the team in Rwanda.



In August 2018, Water Project volunteers worked hard to sift and wash sand to be used in Slow Sand Filters. Slow Sand filters require far more sand than SAM3 Household Filters and are more difficult to distribute because of their size and weight. But, because they are the best solution for the local population, our volunteers have been working hard to meet the challenge. In total, volunteers were able to distribute 82 Slow Sand Filters this month in the area of Biryogo cell in Gashora. In addition, volunteers prepared sand that will be used for filters in September and October. During distributions, volunteers trained recipient households on how to maintain their filter and taught basic health and hygiene practices.

Also in August, volunteer conducted home visits. During these visits, volunteers help households to put the filters in good working order. They also encourage recipient families to filter water for their neighbors. In total, 394 homes were visited by water project volunteers. During these visits, volunteers did not encounter any major issues.

Volunteers also visited SAM2 Community Filters in Juru, Mwogo, Ntarama, and Gahanga. The Water Project Technical Assistant helped volunteers to conduct general maintenance and repair filters when needed.


Also in August, Water Project staff conducted two meetings for volunteers in Juru and Mwogo. During these meetings, small groups of volunteers received refresher trainings on hygiene practices and filter maintenance. These trainings were intended to ensure that volunteers have the skills to make a large impact during future home visits.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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