Rwanda Program Report – July 2018

August 10, 2018

Posted by Chip Kragt, Managing Director

Rwanda Program Report – July 2018



During the month of July, the Water Project distributed 30 slow sand filters to families in Gashora. This was less than planned. July is the beginning of the dry season. As a result, the project did not have enough harvested rain water to wash sand. So, for now, water is being purchased. Also, because Slow Sand filters require more sand and logistics to deliver to families, volunteers from Juru and Mwogo have been asked to support sand washing. Volunteers are also engaging beneficiaries to help prepare sand. We hope these strategies will allow us to distribute 80 Slow Sand filters in August.

In addition to distributions, home visits continued in all sectors where the Project operates through July. During these visits, volunteers encourage households to filter drinking water for neighbors and ensure that households have filters working efficiently.

Also in July, the Water Project worked with local churches leaders to build two additional Rain Water Harvest Systems – one in Juru and the second in Gashora. These systems were possible because of local church contributions. We thank God for the contributions from local communities which have allowed us to provide additional Rain Water Harvest Systems to serve the most vulnerable.

During Walk for Water held in May 2018, we exhibited a SAM2 Community Filters and promised to build one at Rilima School before their break for the 2nd term. Water Project volunteers kept this promise. Volunteers installed the filter in July. School leaders and local government leaders are happy that they have access to clean water.


On July 12, Water Project staff organized a meeting for Church Network Committee leaders and volunteers in Gahanga to discuss the selection of recipients for 600 additional SAM3 Household Filters. During the meeting, volunteers and local leaders were tasked to create a list of families who would benefit most from these filters. These leaders will come together in August to approve the list.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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