Program Update: Jan 2016

January 19, 2016

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

Sifting sand, 8 days straight.

It’s not an easy job, but it goes better when you sing. Our volunteers know that clean water means hard work, so they put in a long week to prepare the sand needed for several hundred household and community filters. Check out our 30-second video of our team in Mwogo sifting and washing sand.

Volunteer Visitors

We know that just giving away a filter isn’t good enough. Our volunteers check in on families every few weeks to make sure everything’s working well and the family knows how to perform the regular maintenance.
We’ve been checking on filters since the very beginning and just this month we performed 228 checks in homes, schools, health clinics and churches. All the filters and rainwater tanks got a clean bill of health, just like the families who are now drinking clean water.

Start with the community leaders

Our project team in Rwanda is laying the groundwork to bring our filters to a new sector, Juru, where the local swamp is filled with all sorts of nasty bacteria and parasites. But the first step for us is always to engage the local leadership. Our latest meeting occurred on Jan 21 where we laid out our plan for the sector which will stretch from March through December 2016. These leaders, a group of local pastors, health workers and government officials, are selecting volunteers, recipients and distribution points. Without their support, we would have a hard time getting our filters to the most vulnerable.

Clean water brings more than just health

Our volunteers brought us the story of Epiphanie Mukasonga [pictured above], her 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Their SAMIII filter is keeping them healthy, allowing them to work and go to school. It also got them some new family pets.Check out the full story here.

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