Program Update: Feb 2016

February 15, 2016

Posted by Victor, Water Program Manager

Operations Headquarters in Juru

2016 is the year of clean water in Juru. We spent the last 10 weeks preparing the community and finalizing our plan. The local leadership council provided us with a centrally located church building to use for meetings, trainings and storage. We immediately put up a rainwater harvest system that will shorten the village’s walk for water and allow us to wash sand for the SAMII and SAMIII filters.

Empowering Volunteers

As in every sector, we asked the local leadership in Juru to recruit 20 volunteers that we can train to build and distribute filters. They exceeded our goal and recruited 28 very dedicated people who are excited to lead the effort to bring clean water to their villages. This month, we brought some expert volunteers from a neighboring sector and spent a day training the new volunteers [photo at top]. At the end of their training, each new volunteer took home their own SAM3 filter.

Collaborating with Government

The local governments in the Mwogo and Juru sectors recognize our expertise and success in bringing clean water to their people. At their request, we held 1-day seminars on February 15th and 16th to train 52 Community Health Workers on how to use and maintain our filters and promote good hygiene. We shared best practices and talked about ways to improve our services.

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