Program Update: Dec 2015

December 19, 2015

Posted by Chip, Managing Director

Adventist Church in Mwogo Gets Rainwater Harvest System

Mwogo Adventist Church RWHS 12-2015

With the rainy season in full swing, the community around the Adventist Church is now benefitting from closer and cleaner water. Since the building is smaller than others we’ve worked on, we had to use a smaller tank. But, the savings on the tank means we can add 2 additional systems on other small buildings. The volunteers got some help from the kids in the village who were excited to not to have to walk so far for water.

This tank is the 10th system we’ve installed in Mwogo. Only 4 left to reach our goal!

Checking In With Filter Recipients


In this month of December, volunteers from Gahanga, Ntarama and Mwogo continued to do home visits to ensure that filters are working well and that the families feel confident on maintenance and backwashing procedures. In total, 283 homes were visited in the 3 sectors and all filters were running well. At Ntarama volunteers found 10 filters were under-performing because of issues with the quality of the sand. They’ll bring new sand and re-train the families in just a few weeks.

Volunteers will continue to do home visits in different Villages of Masaka, Gahanga, Ntarama Sectors and a part of Mwogo to check on the filters and the health of the families.

At the same time, water teams visited churches, schools and health centers to check on the RWHS and SAM II filters and perform maintenance if necessary. Two RWHS systems were having issues with overflow when the tank filled, but our volunteers were able to fix the problem quickly.


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