Rwanda Program Report – October 2018

November 14, 2018

Posted by Rebero d'Amour, Water Project Manager

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is with great pleasure to share with you the work being done by water project volunteers, together with Church Network Committee. Volunteers continued to work hard on field in all target sectors of Bugesera district, with more efforts in Gashora sector where slow sand filters are being distributed and volunteers decided to work from Monday to Friday as to meet monthly target and also serve community in big numbers. Volunteers from Juru and Mwogo sectors which have phased out have shown commitment to serve the most vulnerable and sustain all water filters as well as Rain Water Harvesting Systems. They continue home visits and mobilize the community on use of safe drinking. During home visits, beneficiaries tell volunteers that they praise the Lord and are grateful to donors who provided water filters to them and how they are blessed to drink clean water.


Program Report – October 2018

In October 2018, Gashora water volunteers worked 5 days a week for sifting and washing sand as well as distributing filters. In total 67 slow sand filters were distributed to households of Gashora sector, in the village of Buhoro. While distribution takes place, recipients are then trained on how to maintain their slow sand filters and receive training on hygiene and sanitation. The challenge in the last month was lack of enough water as the dry season has been longer than usual. Water project team prepared enough sand to be used in coming months as we hope there will be enough water to distribute a good number of filters to recipients of Gashora sector.

Home visits were performed in all sectors of Bugesera and Kicukiro districts where the Project operates and water teams helped households to have filters working well and mobilized them to filter water for their neighbors. In total, 524 homes of Bugesera and Kicukiro districts were visited, including: 53 in Gashora, 72 in Juru, 222 in Mwogo, 122 in Ntarama and 55 homes in Gahanga sectors. During the visits by water volunteers no major issue was found.

Water project volunteers also visited the schools and health centers with SAM II filters (in total 24 SAM II filters) for checking their functionality and supporting the users on maintenance. The activity was done in the sectors of Juru, Mwogo and Ntarama. Water project volunteers were supported by the Project technical assistant for conducting general backwashing and maintenance as well as repairing filters. Water Project volunteers also visited 22 Rain Water Harvesting systems in these 3 sectors of Bugesera district.

During the reporting period, meetings were conducted with 20 volunteers from Mwogo and 24 volunteers from Juru, as these areas are being “phased-out” of active program activities. During these meetings, several commitments were made. These commitments ensure sustainability of the program in the sectors of Mwogo and Juru. Water Project staff will keep in communication with Church Network Committee members and Water Project volunteers in order to provide support when needed and check the implementation of their commitments including the continuation of home visits, monthly volunteer meetings, and quarterly reports to the Church Network Committee members.

During the month of October, the Water Project also received two visitors sent by Paseo del Rey Church in collaboration with 20 Liters. During their trip, they visited the Church Network Committee in Gahanga where they discussed mind set transformation among church leaders, collaboration and integration of churches in networking. They also visited a SAM2 Community Filter installed in the Home of Handicapped Children, met with Water Project Volunteers in Gashora, and visited two families who had recently received SAM3 Household Filters.

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