20 Liters Program Report – May 2018

June 18, 2018

Posted by Charlotte Karemera, Mobilization Officer-Rwanda

20 Liters Program Report – May 2018


Thank you for allowing me to share this narrative report of the activities accomplished in the month of May. This month, I feel encouraged by the commitment of church leaders and our volunteers to work together to serve their communities. Also, I am impressed by the communities that have taken ownership of our programs and as a result have changed the lives of many families. The work of church volunteers continued to impress me as they spend many days working on filters, assembling and building Rain Water Harvest Systems. May our good Lord continue to bless our overseas friends in your work and enable you to reach more people in this water project in many ways.



In May, Water Project volunteers sifted and washed sand. This allowed them to distributed 28 Slow Sand filters to households in the Gashora sector, primarily in Biryogo cell. Also, volunteers prepared sand to be used in the coming months.

In addition, volunteers built three Rain Water Harvest Systems on churches in Gashora and Mwogo. These systems were not part of the original plan. But we thank God for the contributions from local communities that made these additional systems possible.

Finally, volunteers conducted home visits in all sectors where the Water Project operates, to ensure filters were working with the rain and to encourage recipients to filter water for their neighbors. In total, volunteers visited 244 homes. In addition, project volunteers visited many of our SAM2 Community Filters to conduct general maintenance and small repairs.


On Wednesday May, 9th, the Water Project launched in the Rilima Sector of Rwanda. To mark the occasion, the community hosted a Walk for Water. The walk drew together hundreds of residents of Nyabagendwa village, World Relief-Rwanda staff, members of the local church, local government leaders, Ministry of Health officials, representatives from the Church Network Committee, community based health workers, and volunteers of the Water Project.

In various speeches of the day, the Water Project was warmly welcomed. Speakers acknowledged the critical need for clean water. In addition,  church leaders remarked that it will complement other church ministries to serve the most vulnerable. Participants walked for about an hour down to the swamp, gathered water, and then hiked back up to the celebration site, singing and dancing as they went. To further mark the occasion, project leaders distributed the first 10 SAM3 Household filters to residents during the ceremony.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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