Rwanda Program Report – January 2019

February 27, 2019

Posted by Rebero d'Amour, Water Project Manager

Program Report – January 2019

First and foremost, I am encouraged by the commitment of volunteers to water project. Volunteers organized themselves in small groups for making sifting and washing sand as well as assembling water filters in order to have a team every day at the sites to accelerate the distribution. The work of water volunteers continued to impressed me as they spend many days working on filters assembling and building Rain Water Harvest Systems. We pray for many blessings to all donors that keep thinking on how the lives of communities in Rwanda can be improved by providing them a clean water.



In January 2019, there was shortage of rain water in general but more especially in Bugesera district. Water Project Staff decided to buy water in order to continue the distribution of Slow Sand Filters to households in Gashora. Water Project Volunteers then distributed 62 slow sand filters to families in Biryogo Village. This was less than the target of distributing 90 filters. The Water Project team still plans to complete all intended filter distributions in Gashora by the end of February 2019. As the distribution went on, recipients were trained on filter maintenance and hygiene and health practices.

Also during January 2019, Water Project Volunteers in Gahanga assembled SAM3 Household Filters and distributed 71 Filters to families in the areas of Murinja, Gahanga, Kagasa and Karembure. We plan to distribute 84 final SAM3 Filters in Gahanga in February. This will conclude all planned activities for Gahanga.

The Water Project also was able to build a Rain Water Harvesting System at Friends Church, in Karambo village in Rilima. This system will serve 214 households surrounding the church.

Finally, Water Project Volunteers performed home visits in the sectors of Ntarama, Mwogo, Juru, Gashora, and Gahanga. They visited in total 520 SAM3 Household Filters and 26 Slow Sand Filters. A review of the checked filters showed very few problems. Volunteers changed sand for 7 water filters, and backwashed 14 filters. The remaining filters were well-functioning.

In addition, Water Project Volunteers from Rilima along with the Project Technical Assistant, checked, repaired and did general backwashing on the SAM2 Community Filters installed at Rilima Health Centre and Rilima Secondary School.


On Thursday January 17th, the Water Project conducted a refresher training for 35 volunteers in the Rilima sector. The focus of the training was on hygiene promotion and the importance of drinking clean water. In addition, volunteers received additional training on assembling water filters and filter backwashing. After the training, all of the Rilima volunteers received water filters for their families. Having water filters in their homes will enable our volunteers to be familiar with using, maintaining and repairing the filters. This will allow them to be more effective in supporting other beneficiaries of water filters during home visits.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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