20 Liters Program Report – April 2019

May 23, 2019

Posted by Rebero d'Amour, Water Project Coordinator

20 Liters Program Report – April 2019



During the month of April 2019, Water Project volunteers distributed Slow Sand Filters, SAM3 Household Filters and installed a SAM3 Community Filter. Through these activites they reached 1,389 people with clean water.

Volunteers distributed Slow Sand Filters in Gashora sector. This included 14 filters in Buhoro village, 9 in Bidudu village, and 1 in Biryogo village. These filters were the final filters intended for the sector. Before distribution took place, volunteers trained recipients on filter maintenance, hygiene, and health.

Since the Water Project has completed planned activities in Gashora sector, we are planning a feed-back meeting in May 2019.  Volunteers will share the lessons learned and discuss strategies to conduct home visits and reporting to ensure the sustainability of distributed water filters.

Also in April, Water Project volunteers in Rilima sector assembled SAM3 Household Filters. Then, they distributed 125 filters to households in the villages of Karirisi, Karambi and Biraro. As the distribution went on, volunteers trained recipients on filter maintenance, hygiene, and health.

Additionally, Water Project volunteers installed 1 SAM2 Community Filter at the Primary School of Karirisi located in Karirisi village of Rilima sector. The filter will serve the school’s 644 students and teachers, providing a source of clean water for the school.

Finally, water project volunteers performed home visits in the sectors of Ntarama, Mwogo, Juru, Gashora and Gahanga sectors. They visited 366 SAM3 Household Filters as well as 6 Slow Sand Filters. During these visits, Water Project volunteers helped families by backwashing filters and providing repairs as needed. Volunteers also mobilized beneficiaries on the importance of clean water and encouraged them to continue filtering water for their neighbors.


On April 23rd, Water Project staff started a 5-day trainings in Rilima sector for Water Project volunteers and church leaders in order to equip them in Community Development skill, to improve the mindset change, and to foster a spirit of volunteerism. ADEPR Kabeza Church hosted the training. 53 people including 35 volunteers, 9 pastors, and 9 World Relief Rwanda staff attended the training. Through the training, participants committed to teach other church members; affirmed their responsibility to serve the most vulnerable; and committed to be the pillars of transformation and development in their community.

For more details about our program impact, check out our interactive program map.

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