20 Liters Program Report – April 2018

May 14, 2018

Posted by Victor, Water Program Manager

Greetings Dear Friends,

 The month of April, field activities slowed down for volunteers to join Rwanda and the World to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. We thank you for your prayers during this period. I also thank God for the rain we had in April which enabled us to serve the most vulnerable with clean rain water collection.


20 Liters Program Report – April 2018

In April, the Gashora water team worked to sift wash sand and distribute household filters. In total, 37 filters were given to families in the Gashora sector, with focus on the villages of Mwendo and Kabuye. Enough sand was prepared [and it is still raining!], so the plan is to distribute many slow sand filters in Biryogo cell in the coming months.

Home visits were performed in all sectors where the project operates in April. The focus was reminder training as well as mobilizing recipient households to share filtered water with their neighbors. In total, 493 homes were visited by water team volunteers. Team members also visited SAM2 Community Filters in Juru, Mwogo and Ntarama. The Project technical assistant helped volunteers to conduct maintenance and repair filters as needed.

In April, the Ntarama Church Network Committee expressed the wish to support the Pentecostal Church with a Rain Water Harvest System. The project was able to find the resources to approve this request and installed a 5,000-liter cistern at the Ntarama Pentecostal Church.

We also continue to plan meetings to mobilize communities in Rilima to prepare for the launch of the project in the sector. In April, we hosted two meetings, to prepare for a Walk for Water in Rilima on May 9th.

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