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Your Talents for Our Mission

Putting your passion, talents and ideas to work is a fun and rewarding way to combat the biggest humanitarian crisis of our world.

What’s your thing?


I'm a giver...

I’m a giver…

Would you rather give than receive? Instead of getting stuff, use your birthday, wedding, baby shower or anniversary to give clean water.

I'm a maker...

I’m a maker…

Whatever you make, make it make clean water by giving all or a portion of your proceeds to 20 Liters.

I'm an organizer...

I’m an organizer…

Do you have the party planning gene? Are your events the talk of the town? Consider organizing a walk for water, penny war, concert or 5k. Already got stuff on the books? Add 20 Liters as your charity partner.

Choose to Walk for those that Have to Walk

Some of our supporters choose to host Walks for Water. These community-based events are a great way to experience what nearly 1.1 billion people have to do everyday for water, and raise funds to make a difference.

With support from our team, you’ll have the resources and knowledge to mobilize your community to meaningful action.


The Business of Clean Water

From cottage industries to socially conscious businesses, companies of all sizes have come alongside us to bring a sustained impact to our work.
Could your company add clean water to your bottom line?

BoldSOCKS uses one of their own brands, Statement Sockwear, to provide clean water with every purchase.

Tony’s son is from Rwanda, so when he started BetaBars it just made sense that he would use 10% of his profits to make clean water in Rwanda.

A Little Goes a Long Way

We focus on simple, cost-effective solutions which means you don’t need to set an unreachable goal to make a difference.

$20 is all it takes to provide one person with a decade of clean water.

Your great fundraising idea can make a real difference for someone.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to get started?

Creating your cause allows you to collect online donations, straight to 20 Liters.

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