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Mukandemeye Venantia is a 63-year-old widow from the Gashora Sector of Rwanda.  Her family, like many others, has always struggled to have clean water. Her family was often sick with diarrhea and other water-borne diseases.  Her kids were not able to attend school regularly, and she recalls spending a lot of money on medication.

In July 2017, a volunteer came to her home and informed her that her family had been selected to receive a household water filter (known as SAM3).  Since they received the filter, her family has achieved things she had previously thought impossible. She and her family haven’t been sick, her grandchildren have been performing well at school – their attendance is steady and their grades have increased. With the money that she has saved in six months from being able to work more frequently and from not needing medication to treat water-borne illnesses, Venantia has been able to purchase land and chickens – allowing her to farm her own piece of land for the first time in her life.

She is now confident in the future and always smiling.

20 Liters’ goal is to distribute 175 SAM3 Household Filters each month – providing 175 families with access to clean water. You can sustain this work by establishing a monthly gift to 20 Liters, which will make dirty water clean for a vulnerable family in every month that your gift continues.

When you make a sustaining gift to 20 Liters, you become a part of a larger community of Sustaining Liters, generous donors who have made a monthly commitment to clean water. We asked several current Sustaining Liters to tell us more about why they choose to give this way, and this is what they told us…

“This is an investment in people’s everyday livelihood. Clean water should be for everyone and with 20 Liters we see this being possible. And to know that we give consistently and easily each month through 20 Liters makes us feel like we are helping this become reality.”

– Roger & Stacy DeJonge

“We couldn’t imagine living without a normal water supply or water that could be contaminated.  So we donate every month to help as many people as possible not have to live that way either.”

– The Surdam Family

“We give to 20 Liters monthly first because of God’s desire for us to share part of what we have been given. Secondly, we believe that helping people have access to clean water is probably the most life-improving charitable cause there is.”

– Tom & Lori Patton

“We chose 20 Liters because we wanted to support an organization that was committed to providing life-sustaining needs to the oppressed.  Our weekly contribution is one way we can be the ‘hands and feet of Jesus’.”

– The Moseler Family

“I really like the work of 20 Liters and want to be part of providing clean water. Setting up a monthly gift is just easier, I know I’m helping without having to remember to go make a gift.”

– Curt Groelsma

You Can Make a Difference.

We’re making dirty water clean.  But we can’t do it alone.

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