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20 Liters makes dirty water clean for the most vulnerable
through long-lasting and innovative solutions.


We plot our results village by village and update the map every month.

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We don’t just plan, we track and report.

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We seek to empower those who utilize our solutions by developing the assets of local communities and leveraging global partnerships, while holding the needs and participation of those we serve above all others.


We seek to honor God by serving our neighbors near and far with love, compassion, and respect for the personally held beliefs of individuals from all faith backgrounds.


We seek to forge strong partnerships and believe that success is possible when we work in collaboration with others, generously sharing our skills and resources.


We seek to create sustainable change that positively impacts entire communities for decades by prioritizing solutions that are simple, durable, and appropriate to the specific needs of those we serve.


Our organization is lead by the Board of Directors.
The US-based work is shared between a small paid staff and five volunteer working Committees.
Our Rwandan team is hosted and supervised by World Relief Rwanda.

We’re always looking for talented and dedicated people to volunteer with on our Committees.
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Governance Structure | Board Manual | Tax-exempt status | Bylaws | Articles of Incorporation


We hold ourselves to a high standard.


We are careful stewards of the donor dollar, recognizing that every dollar can be used for more clean water.

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