20 Liters Program Report – October 2017

November 13, 2017

Posted by Victor, Water Program Manager

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. During the month of October, we have been blessed to have 20 Liters team from the U.S. visit. It was time to know each other, go to the field together and share our experiences. Personally, having the team among us made me more energized and I got new insights on how we can continue to improve the work we do to serve the most vulnerable. I am confident that their visit left the same feelings with other team members and volunteers they met. May God bless them and everyone who contributed to the success of their visit in different ways.


20 Liters Program Report – October 2017

During the month of October, the Gashora water team volunteers profited from the rain to catch up with the delay observed in the dry season and distributed household filters to 174 families. The distribution which focused on villages of Kurusine and Kagasa was accompanied by trainings on filter maintenance, hygiene and sanitation. 

Home visits were performed for 514 households in the sectors of Gashora, Mwogo and Juru to emphasize and encourage recipients on regular backwashing but also address issues found. All filters visited were working well and the issues found in previous months due to the quality of water to be filtered were resolved because of the abundance of rain in October.

During the month of October, a SAM2 community filter was installed in the Rilima Health Center to serve approximately 280 patients and health center staff each day. This was completed earlier than planned to help the Health Center meet their annual performance goals, as agreed with local officials.

 A Rain Water Harvest System was installed at the Restoration Church of Gashora and is serving close to 315 homes surrounding the church building. The cistern is smaller than usual due to the roof size of the Church building, but that is as intended.

Finally, World Relief Rwanda received direct support from KCB Bank in Kigali to install an additional five Rain Water Harvest Systems. The local church network committees were consulted to identify the churches that will receive these systems, including churches in Ntarama, Juru, Gashora and Rilima Sectors. The building and installation of these systems was completed in two weeks of intensive work and were dedicated on November 3rd. These tanks are expected to serve at least 2,500 people.

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